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Friday, 22 March 2013

Butty's burger van

I had a date with Stacey on Thursday at UWA. We planned to have lunch in the university. When we were walking in the UWA, we saw a lot of people around the Butty's burger van. +Buttys Foodtruck

Not many menu options, and it only had two staffs in the van. They were very busy. However, the pictures in the menu attracted us ;) Stacey and I ordered a cheese fries. It's $6 for one cheese fries.

It tasted soooo good. We both loved the cheese sauce ~^o^~
The chips was the snack for us. We went to the Broadway shopping centre later. There were some restaurants in Broadway. We chose a Japanese restaurant to have lunch, but I didn't know the name of this restaurant.

I didn't remember what I ordered. I just knew that my lunch was chicken and Stacey had fish. The price was about $6.9 for each of us. I am not a picky person. But this time I couldn't finish this meal. It's really suck (>.<) It just had a little bit of meat, and the sauce of the rice was basically a ginger sauce. The bubble tea was $3, it's cheaper than other shop. But, the bubble tea also tasted reallllly bad >_<# It was a sweet milk with soft bubbles, it felt like there was no tea at all.  
This meal just ruined my day (T.T) 

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