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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

BBQ on Matilda Bay

Such a beautiful place!!! The sky was so blue! I never seen this kind of blue sky in China. There was a BBQ event which organised by LACE on last Friday. I know it's near one week now. I've been busy lately and haven't got time to update my blog, sorry for the late update :( 

Those swans were beautiful in the picture, in fact, it were danger at the same time. Because those swans were trying to scare us after we took the pictures.   (>.<)

Stacey was scared. haha

Since it was a free BBQ. We just went to eat and talk to other people :D 
And since it was a free BBQ, we only got different sausage, bread and different sauces :(  It was a big surprised to me, I never know that BBQ means cooking sausage all the time! It was also disappointing, so I didn't take any picture about the food. 
My friends said it was Australian BBQ. Yeah, at last, I found out a new cultural differences between China and Australia. ;)

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