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Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Yesterday I had lunch at Sorrento's which serves great Italian food. Since David and I had a really great time at Sorrento's last time we decided to go again.
We chose to take a table  outside but unfortunately this was a huge mistake (>.<) I felt yesterday was so hot this affected me really enjoying the meal.

David ordered a bread for something to nibble on as we waited.
However, the bread in Sorrento's was not  the best quality we have seen. I forgot to mention that Jamie's Italian offer free bread in my last blog :D

There was a small accident at Sorrento's. We were waiting for our main courses for over 30 mins and there was no food coming. The waiter came to explain the reason, according to his explanation there were something wrong in the ordering machine, and the kitchen didn't receive any orders. And then, they gave us a free starter which was a bruschetta. This is a  roast toast with fresh tomato, basil, red onion, olive oil and cracked pepper. Since we were so hungry, this wasn't on the table very long.  ^.^ After we finished the starter. I realized that I didn't take a picture of the starter >.<

Finally, we got our main courses. David had a pizza which called Siciliana.

My main course was the Risotto for the day which was a risotto cooked with seafood and tomato sauce.

The seafood was not overcooked  which was the main positive for me in this seafood dish. The risotto tasted good but it wasn't the best meal I have ever tasted and so I was slightly disappointed with the meal overall :(

In my opinion, the food was not as good as last time. Maybe I should try other dish next time.
We spent $54 in this lunch. I felt this was expensive for a lunch.

This was the picture from my previous time. The pasta was so yummy, it was the best pasta I have ever tasted before and of course it was seafood  ;)  I am a true seafood lover!
David had a salmon pasta but compared to my seafood pasta it was not as good as mine. haha :)

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